Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Westside Hoedown

Last night we had a hoedown for YL club! We had a "Rockytop"n', cricket spittin', joke tellin', overall wearin' good time! In this picture left to right is Reese, me, Marty, and Megan. We sent this picture to Megan's younger sister, Anna, who couldn't be there. I've started to find my niche at Westside... Reese, Marty, Anna, Bailey, and Erin are some sophomore girls that I've fallen in love with. They are all so funny and a joy to be around! I'm having them over to our apartment for a sleepover next saturday and as an example of how great they are we are going to have an "Arrested Development" marathon.

YL has become the thing to do for a bunch of foreign exchange students... Julia on the left lives with my friend Sasha. Julia is from Germany and she's so funny and delightful. Everytime I see her she asks how Knox is. I told her that we had a party for the baby and she got so confused because the baby couldn't enjoy his own party. I knew she would be even more confused if I said baby shower. Next is Beatriz from Brazil and Marie who is also from Germany. I don't know them as well since I don't know their host families.

and yours truly! I really wanted to wear my overalls for the hoedown, so I did, but by the end of the night I felt like I was going to burst! They were so tight around the belly! After club I unbuckled,  layed on the floor, and complained about how uncomfortable and hungry I was as Will, Nsen, and Ben (2 of our beloved leaders) cleaned up. 

Will doing Mr. Chicco skit with Ben. Yeah a whole raw chicken on his arm as a puppet...
comedy gold people.

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