Friday, May 23, 2014

So my friend, Sharon, brought to my attention
kayla itsines, and her instagram. After a couple of days we decided that we were gonna buy her workout program and do it together.

Now I have not worked out since before Knox, so muscles (especially abs) were almost non existent. I ate whatever I wanted which consisted mostly of eating out. So I was starting at ground zero.

What kayla emphasizes is getting stronger, confident, lean, and toned. So after just a week, I felt like a new person, energetic, stronger, dedicated, and even lost 3 pounds. I also started to make more of my meals. Almost after week 3 I realized I was only doing half of the workout. I'm a dummy. So even doing it half way changed a lot for me. What I love is it's 30 minutes and I can do it at home during nap time. It also has made me take more showers, which if you really know me you would know I hate taking showers. So the next time you see me I'll look like this 


So summer is here. It's hot. And we're off to Colorado. 

Will leaves Tuesday for our 6th program assignment. Phew. We have grown to love going on assignment, but this year, just thinking about it makes my blood pressure sky rocket, and my heart to pound a bit quicker. This will be my first assignment with 2 kids. My friend Ali, who will be on our assignment asked me what I was so nervous about,  and I said "Meals, them sleeping (which Knox has had a rough time with in Colorado every summer), the pool, the flights (which I'll be doing by myself), finding time (and energy) to do my workouts that I've been doing, and me losing my mind. So pretty much like every hour of every day".  I want to be excited but the unknown of it is overwhelming. Sooo prayers. I need them. I need Jesus. 

In other news, McCabe is officially on the move. So fun to see her being her own person. Today she crawled to the step into the kitchen and as we were cheering her on, Knox chimed in on the cheering and tried to push her booty up the step. It was so funny. She didn't make it and that's ok. She was content on just seeing us. She's 9 months right now and with Knox I remember saying this was my favorite age. It has made me sad to think that this might be our last time living life with child this age. 

Knox is classic Knox. 
He says goodbye to everyone when we leave the house. "Bye Papa, Bye house, Bye Buzz"
We moved him to a big boy bed and he loooves it. I have loved it to because i won't have to go get him til 9 or so because he plays with his toys in bed when he wakes up.
The way he says monsters "Mawn- sthers" We've been watching a lot of Monsters Inc.

Will has been in heavy program mode the last week and a 1/2. I'm excited to see him do his thing. 
Him and Devin, who is also doing program, are driving up to Colorado Tuesday. I'll be coming up the following Monday. Til then just trying to get my mind right.