Monday, December 19, 2011

Breakfast with Santa aka Wodie aka The Big Dog

In our area we have Young Lives which is Young Life's ministry to teen moms. Every Christmas they have a breakfast with Santa. They serve a breakfast to the moms and their families and kids. The kids take a picture with Santa and the moms get to pick out a present that was donated to give their kid for Christmas. Well, this year Will's wish is coming true a little earlier than expected. One of Will's dreams is to be Santa Claus. We thought he was just going to have to wait for time to take it's toll but not true. Will got to be Santa Claus this year. It was VERY entertaining. A lot of unhappy children, some who didn't really know what to do, and a few very excited... here's a couple of each.




and unhappy...

Mr. and Mrs. Claus...

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The countdown begins!

Earlier this week we had our last ultrasound. Days leading up to our appointment, we were so excited to see the lil guy again! The tech first showed us his kidneys, heart, bladder, blah, blah boring. I thought "Lady get to the good stuff. Let me see his face." She kept trying to get a good visual of his face, but said his head was already snug down in my pelvis. I was bummed that I didn't get to see his face but also real excited that he's gettin ready to come out! They said he's a little over 6 lbs and a week ahead of schedule. We asked if that meant that they thought he would come a week early and they said that very much could be the case OR he could just be a big baby! PLEEEEAAASSSEEE LORD, bring the babe early!

But even though we are beyond excited for Knox to get here, we're trying to take advantage of life without kids... Staying out late when we get the chance, sleeping in, and quiet. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Club!

This picture was taken minutes after a fiasco before club... The short version is a truck peeled into the parking lot, going way to fast, where we hang out with all our friends before club. He parks in front of the liquor store and gets out yelling at all the kids for being in the middle of the street (but its not a street but a parking lot). So of course, Will walks over to try and explain what's going on. He doesn't want to hear it. He starts yelling at Will, as Will says over and over about 15 times, "Hey man, let's have a conversation." Then the Thai lady that owns the liquor store comes out and she's yelling who knows what. My mind goes to worst case scenerio... this man or his friend is about to pull out a gun and shoot my baby daddy. Will's outfit didn't help the situation...

These are 2 of my faves...Chelsea and Marty

and the gang.

We went to the Yardhouse (our favorite late night hang out) after club with some other  yl staff people and of course Will had a story to tell.

Noise Complaints...

Last weekend we got our 4th noise complaint from our downstairs neighbors... 
to them we are moving furniture 24/7. Well, I had 6 girls sleepover and it did not sit well with them down below. These girls were "noisy from 7-11 on Saturday night and early Sunday morning"

We made these that i saw on Pinterest. Some turned out good and not so good but this one was Chelsea's that turned out the best. (sorry I didn't rotate it)

Will went and talked to management on Monday. He tried to see if we had any options of moving apartments or getting out of our lease early but there weren't. I told Will that both of those options would be a pain in the butt right now. I say, it's their issue not ours. If they're having such a problem, they can move to a 3rd floor apartment.
We're working on loving our neighbor, literally.

Mama needs her milk.