Wednesday, May 15, 2013

life lately...

Well the school year has come to a close... and summer has begun. We leave for Frontier a week from today. eeeekk! We're getting our bodies and minds ready for our month long adventure in Colorado. Knox however has taken a few steps back... today we found out he has bronchitis. We got antibiotics and Robitussin so hopefully he can shake this before we leave! He's great other than a nasty cough and a lil sleep deprived. Other than being a wild man, his new things he loves are:

playing in the driveway/garage/backyard
going to petsmart to look at the dogs
chicken nuggets
his shoes
quacking like a duck and roaring like a lion
and babies!!!!

Since Knox has been born, I think I've cooked like 3 meals. We either eat something like cereal, eat out, or Will cooks. I've wanted to provide for my family in that way, I just lost ambition (and energy). But this week, I got inspired (thanks to pinterest), and cooked the last 3 nights.

Me: I have planned out our meals for the week! You might not like them, but you will eat them.
Will: That's what I'm talking about.

With all that to say, I'm super proud of myself.

We have also picked a name for baby girl! Her name is McCabe Louise Odom.
 I love it. Back story of her name... When I began college at UT (Univ. of Tenn, duh) I got involved in a small group and my leader's name was Erin McCabe (but we all called her McCabe). In such a pivotal year, (especially for a new believer) she encouraged me, loved me, and pointed me towards Christ. From her I learned so much about how to be relational and present with people. I am forever grateful for who she was to me in that one year and for the years after. So, I couldn't think of a better name for our little girl. Thanks to Buddy and Kathie we painted her room a peach color a few weeks ago and I'm in love with it. Right now, it's our family dance/run around room, because there's nothing in it yet. Little less than 3 months for her arrival. phew! You can take your time getting here August. Now I'm to help Will make his game character costumes, a Ding Dong and Twinkie. (No, that was not auto corrected wrong)

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