Friday, May 23, 2014

So my friend, Sharon, brought to my attention
kayla itsines, and her instagram. After a couple of days we decided that we were gonna buy her workout program and do it together.

Now I have not worked out since before Knox, so muscles (especially abs) were almost non existent. I ate whatever I wanted which consisted mostly of eating out. So I was starting at ground zero.

What kayla emphasizes is getting stronger, confident, lean, and toned. So after just a week, I felt like a new person, energetic, stronger, dedicated, and even lost 3 pounds. I also started to make more of my meals. Almost after week 3 I realized I was only doing half of the workout. I'm a dummy. So even doing it half way changed a lot for me. What I love is it's 30 minutes and I can do it at home during nap time. It also has made me take more showers, which if you really know me you would know I hate taking showers. So the next time you see me I'll look like this 

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