Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

A week and half ago, Will and I went to Tennessee/North Carolina for about 4 days. Our friends Whopper and Caris got married in Asheville. We tagged on a few more days to be in Knoxville and be with our family. Here is us and Will's roommates from college and their wives, also our favorite people to be around in the world, after the rehearsal dinner.

Saturday, as the boys were off doing the things groomsmen do, us girls sat around the breakfast table at windy gap talking and drinking coffee. We then strolled through Asheville and we ate a yummy lunch at the Early Girl. My time with them was really great for my heart.

Here's Whopper standing waiting for his beautiful bride! Loved this whole wedding!

 Here's Will and I with our friends the future Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Corum!
Love them!

The Bride and Groom!

And my favorite thing about this wedding, besides the people, were all the flowers!!

My camera, sadly, then died. 
We had a baby shower for Knox the next day in Knoxville! I wanted it to never end, all these people in one room, there for us and our new family member. I started to weep then and do again now as I realized that these people won't be in Knox's everyday life and Knox won't be in their everyday lives. I don't know who will really know Knox, other than Will and I down here in Houston. It was a hard thought to take in, sitting in front of 60 people, with all eyes on you. I'm thankful for that moment and those people, their generousity, their hearts, our excitement, our nervousness, and our time in tn/nc.

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