Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3 weeks in...

Oh hey... just look at this little man! Will put on his first pair of shoes on him today for grins. I just keep giggling. (minutes after this picture was taken I had to change him and he peed all over his socks and shoes. so the giggling didn't last long). Looking back at pictures of the days after his birth, he already looks different! Time is already flying by. 

A couple of days ago I was changing his diaper and noticed that his cord was gone. "Finally", I thought. Looked for it in his onesie, but couldn't find it. "Hmmm, I guess I'll eventually find it". Find it I did, after I washed and dried it! It fell out of the dryer with some lint stuck to it. Gross. 

He got his first bath that night with his Papa...

then peed all over the bathroom.

How are Will and I? Well we're still Will and still Jessica, we've just got a wee one that gets a lot of attention. My big thing right now is trying to get out of the house. Every time i get anxious though cause I don't know what Knox will do. Will he sleep the whole time, or all of sudden get hungry, pee all over me or the bathroom, or spit up everywhere, or cry no matter what i do. But for my sanity I have to get out of the apartment. The past week and half I've tried to get out once a day with him to try and ease into it. Here is a picture after our first walk at the park featuring the stroller Will camped out at REI for. 

Will has been the best! In the middle of the night, when Knox won't go back to bed, Will pulls out what he calls, "full court press" which is swaddling, pacifier, swinging, and white noise from his iPhone all recreating the womb...and within 20 minutes he's back to sleep. I'm not looking forward to the nights of feb 3rd and 4th when will is going out of town for the freshmen yl retreat... maybe full court press won't be needed by then??

This week we're missing A LOT of our friends at the YL All Staff Conference in Orlando. We're sad to be missing out on all the hugs and laughter and Harry Potter. Maybe in 2016.

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