Thursday, February 23, 2012

Knox's first road trip!

We went on a quick getaway to Austin. A generous committee member gave us a night at The Barton Creek Springs Resort. It's about  2 1/2 hr drive so Knox slept the whole time. We got there early afternoon and explored the property then headed to the grocery store to prepare dinner (we stayed in a 3 bedroom house with a fully equipped kitchen...again very generous). We made steak, whole wheat and sweet potato gnocchi, and asparagus. yum! To accompany our dinner we watched some HGTV, Zoolander, and Conan.

The next day we went to a cool coffee place on the lake and the "trailer park" on South Congress. It's some land that a bunch food trailers are parked. Will said it's like a food court but wayyyy cooler. Will got pad thai and i got a Hot and Crunchy Chicken Cone from Mighty Cone. I saw it on tv once. It was real good and real crispy!

I think Knox has been going through a growth almost 4 weeks he was sleeping through the night pretty consistently and the past week and half he hasn't at all. Knox, you were doing so good buddy! Anyways that has left me just a little sleep deprived.

After I explained the night process,
High School Girl: So it's like you just take a bunch of naps?
Me: Ummm yup.

Never thought of it that way, which makes it sound really depressing.

He hasn't lost his cute though!! Here he is in his first pair of jeans!

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