Friday, March 2, 2012


I've never been to a rodeo.  So for my first, I went to the biggest one on the planet.  Picture eight county fairs all in one place.  Add a rodeo in an NFL stadium.  Throw in a head-liner concert at the end of the night.  Three weeks.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  The whole thing is overkill.  Which is pretty much my middle name.

During the year I lived in Pigeon Forge I remember looking at the Smokies from the strip and wondering how such a neon place had such a beautiful horizon.  This picture took me back there.  Jess was the photographer (clearly, incredible eye).

I'm trying to eat better, so naturally this was the place to be.  Ended up getting venison on a stick.  You can get most things (especially meat) on a stick.

Another shot of the sky.

Jessica had to go pump for a while (we left Knox at home).  I snuck down and watched bareback bronc riding for a while.  It was pretty great.  I thought of my friend Justin a lot.  

The night ended with a Lady Antebellum concert.  These were our seats.  We left after two songs.  Great night.  Only thing that would have been better would be if we came on Kid Rock night.

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