Tuesday, March 6, 2012

He is 2!

My favorite boy is 2 months old as of yesterday! We went to the doctor for a check up. He's now 11 lbs. 12 oz. and 23 1/2 inches! He got 2 shots, 1 in each thigh. Of course to make it worse they make me hold him down. He cried and screamed like I'd never heard. It made me tear up. But after consoling him, he calmed down. After taking a good nap, he was fussy all day and would cry at random times. He didn't have a fever...I'm not sure but my intuition told me that his thighs were sore. It wore off once Cassie came over and he was himself again. 

At 2 months:
You're starting to use your tongue a lot
You're starting to drool
You hate getting your boogers out
You love to take baths and cry when you have to get out
You love to sleep during church and sporting events and shopping
You love to be held
You continue to make grunts as you poop
You fall asleep as soon as you get in the car

And my second favorite boy is 2 years old today! Happy Birthday! We love you Cam!

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