Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I apologize for the absence lately...from the 21-29 we were in Colorado at Young Life camp with our high school friends. And it takes me a couple of days prior and post to gear myself up and recoup after.  Here are some highlight pictures from our trip:
Will and I on top of a mountain. there's some pretty treacherous terrain. not my favorite thing to do but don't worry, I'm still "Oh Boy"ing it. 

This is my friend, Anna. She reminds me a lot of myself, not because of the red hair, or that we could be sisters, but her heart when I was in high school. i love her.

Team Pink I. get it... Let me just say this we dominated camp. We won the vball tournament, the spirit award, and I was told we were second for the tawashie award behind a capernaum cabin. Soooo yeah. Their motto was "Game time, all the time." Awesome.

This is Nsen. She's our new area's intern. She's awesome. Very organized, which if you know Will, it will come in handy...a lot. The girls had a checklist of things to decorate their leader in for the obstacle course. And yes, they were all about winning.

This is my friend, Erin, who I'd gotten to know all year. She's one the sweetest, most chill girls you will meet. She's a fave.

friends. Marty and Reese. they really are my friends.

group pic! it was such a great week. there were eyes opened, questions asked, tears spilled, laughter had, bed bug bites, butts kicked, and stomach aches galore. yeah it was a great week.

And of course I missed this lil munchkin. everyday.

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