Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Rumors Are True

After a year of looking and years of wanting, the Odom's have found a house!

I can't believe that in 1 month this will be OURS! I was getting discouraged by all the houses we were looking at. It was either live in the neighborhood we didn't necessarily want to live in or live in a house I didn't love but in the location we wanted to be in. Well, the day Will left for Wilderness, he texted me and said there's a new house listing, tell me what you think. I looked at the pictures and thought's worth going to look at. Will got back, we went to look at it, and I just knew that I loved it. It's right where we want to live, it's huge, AND has character! It will be a VERY slow process of fixing it up to how we want everything but it will be so fun. 

Here are my 2 favorite rooms...

This is the living room. Our vision thus far...
pull up carpet, lay brick as flooring, paint the brick fireplace so as not to clash with the floor, and paint a backsplash to the bookcases. And yes, that is a back porch.

And Knox's room. When I saw this picture, I totally envisioned him in here. Some people would move in here, and immediately take these shingles off. But not these folks! I love me some shingles. (Not the disease, of course.) Although, I might have to worry about splinters. 

We close August 20th. So yeah. We're excited.

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