Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Odom Pyramid

We now have a new home. Not yet "Eagle Falls", but Lowe's. I couldn't tell you how many times we've been in the past week, and I don't see our visits coming to an end. We started Thursday night of last week, priming, painting, taping, demolition, lots of soda, pandora, sweating, late nights, packing and unpacking the pack n play, and paint all up in my hair. We first wanted to attack the living room. 

We are getting new carpet in most of the house minus kitchen, dining, utility, 1/2 bath, and office, which we'll one day put in hardwoods. But with the old carpet it's nice to be able to throw stuff down and not care about the floor. This is the living room... I love the built ins.

We painted the cabinets and fireplace white aka "ultra violet", the walls "clarified butter", and the back of the built ins "sage morsel". Will couldn't live without the butter and I couldn't live without the sage so we compromised. We're excited for how it will look with all our stuff!

And this guy has just turned 8 months old! This pic is an oldie but goodie... taken a month ago right before his circumcision. This outfit was sooo big on him. 
The past week as we have been trying to get our hands dirty in our house, I've had people lined up everyday to watch Knox for a few hours so I can be focused on the house for a little while. He has been such a trooper sleeping in unfamiliar places, and going to bed later than usual. The past 4 days he has started to eat real solids i.e. toast, black beans, bananas, carrots, and these rice cakes, made specifically for babies, that he loves. So fun to watch him become such a great little man.

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