Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Will aka Wodie aka The Big Dog aka The Legend Himself

Today is Will's 27th birthday!!! We went to dinner at a Greek restaurant and then went to The Chocolate Bar, then came home and watched SNL. We celebrated last night because we both had stuff tonight and our friends Paul and Aaron are coming in town tonight! They'll have the pleasure of being our first guests to stay here. We're excited to laugh a lot this weekend.

Our boog is 9 months old now! Crazy. 
He sleeps like a champ.
So curious. 
Hits his head on everything. I think cause he's so top heavy (HUGE noggin).
Loves toast with cheese on it and strawberries.
Loves to go on walks.
Loves to swing in the baby swing at the park and watch the older kids play. 

The one day it was chilly outside.

the cutest skit characters ever.

Will took this of me and Cassie (my bf from high school) going through old pictures and laughing so hard!

move over knox, here's my new Pride and Joy!

showing the neighborhood who we really are. Happy Fall! It's not in the 90's anymore!

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