Thursday, November 15, 2012


Sorry folks for the recent mia. We've had a pretty hectic month. For starters, for three weeks starting when Ace and Paul came to visit, Knox decided he didn't want to nap anymore, therefore leading to a very grumpy child. For awhile I thought something was wrong and then just hoped that it was a phase. Thank you, Lord that it was. We turned a corner last week just in time for one of the hardest weeks of my life... three weeks ago we found out we were pregnant. We were so excited and nervous for the upcoming 9 months. We'd started talking about names, nursery ideas, how we weren't going to have a camp assignment, and how I wouldn't be able to go to camp with our high school friends. Then last Tuesday, I miscarried. I had a suspicion that I was going to, but I also thought, "that wouldn't happen to me" and "my body will work it out". But it didn't. I became part of the statistic.

Our banquet was coming up that Friday. Lord knows what was going on in Will. He graciously took the day off, when who knows how much was on his to-do list. I let myself be sad for the next 2-3 days, but honestly I was just so grateful for what the Lord has already given me through Knox and realized how miraculous life really is. I've already loved how it has become part of my story. Thanks to those who were happy with us, for being sad with us, and grateful with us.

Our banquet was awesome! I left with such a full heart... A table of girl's parents who I'd been hanging out with over the past year all came and graciously gave. They believe in me, the impact Jesus is making in their daughter's lives, and want to support us. I just felt so encouraged. Will did too. Will did so awesome for his first banquet as Area Director. I was so proud. God has given him a gift of storytelling and connecting with people, no matter their age. That night we stayed up late eating junk food and counting the donations. It felt like Christmas morning!

Knox is almost 10 1/2 months old! I'm starting to think of his first birthday party. He is the fastest crawler I've ever seen. His favorite thing is crawling around the club room before club. Wide open spaces. He also loves bananas, taking everything out of cabinets and crawling into them, sipping out of a straw, his blanket, playing with "Uno" cards, to try and grab your tongue, and of course his mama. Here is a few pics to catch you up.

His new toy gym we got him from Costco.

oh and how can I forget halloween?! He was a truck driver...

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