Thursday, February 21, 2013

When the cat's away, the mice will play.

Will always says no one wants to read a blog that doesn't have pictures. Well, sorry folks because will is out of town for the week. He has the camera and the computer to put pictures on, so your stuck with just words. Will is at Area Director school in Colorado. There he'll be with friends that do what he does and they'll hear speakers and go to seminars and play mafia.  So far, it's been good, gone by fast, but we are ready for papa to get home. 

I was talking to my friend Amber yesterday and she asked what's Knox like now? (she hadn't seen him in awhile) He says "whats dat" about eeeeeverything. And thats pretty much the only new thing. Still no walking. We arent pushing him or anything, I just want him to walk before frontier. The best way I could describe him is he is either super happy or super upset. Very seldom is he just chill, except bedtime/naps (thank God), walking the stroller (but you have to be walking), and first 20 minutes or so of a cartoon.  That makes for a pretty exhausted mama.

Since finding out we are having baby #2 , I've been real tired. Napped every chance I got. I had been feeling down and kinda depressed. All I could think about all day is how I wanted to crawl in my bed in the dark and sleep the day away. Yes, I know I'm pregnant but still my life felt like I was falling into Darkness.  It was a step to recognize it for myself and vocalize it. Will and I knew our lives could wind out of control if we didn't hold on to what we know as true...
That God thinks our voices are beautiful and wants to hear them call his name. So that's what we are doing; Calling out to him, grasping for Light, when all I want to do is run to Darkness. There in the Light is the very Life of God. Pray for Will and I as we are making changes in our life, for us to fall more in love with Christ than we love each other and for Knox and baby to witness the Light we want so badly to reign over our house. 

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