Saturday, March 30, 2013

I'm sure you've heard the news...

It's a girl! 
Cute tunic pattern
I've had a feeling it has been a girl for awhile. I started pinning on Pinterest everything girl since I found out we were pregnant again. I started getting anxious a couple of days before the ultrasound, doubting my instincts. "What if it's not a girl, and I've just set myself up for disappointment, when that's the last thing I want to be feeling about our baby!" 

We went in to the doctor on Thursday morning. The ultrasound takes a couple of minutes for them to get to the good part... yea it has two feet, yea for seeing all the chambers of the heart...get to the genitalia!! Then the nurse said, "looks like there's a garage sale and y'alls near future!" and wrote "girl!!!" on the screen. I burst into tears! I knew the Lord had set this desire in my heart to be a mother of girl. It was a very sweet moment for my heart to be so full of joy.

Being in ministry with high school girls, I hear so many stories of bad relationships with their moms. With Knox's pregnancy, I felt mostly fear from these stories, and desperately wanted a boy. But within the past year, God had changed that fear into confidence that I can be a great mother to a girl, I don't have to fall in line.

The next hard part is finding a name. We have one that we came across last night that we both really like, but are waiting to reveal til we really know it is right. 

For now, I'll just keep pinning cute things I want to make for her.

and my bet is she's going to be bald...

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