Friday, April 12, 2013

15 Months...

Knox is 15 months now and officially a toddler. He started walking last week and has gotten better and better each day exploring new terrains. We thankfully got, not really first steps, but his first attempt at walking on video. You can tell he is trying to hard and is so proud of himself! I love it.

Although walking is super fun to watch for Will and I, we have both agreed that this is a hard age. He isn't a baby anymore, in that he doesn't care for what's going on around him, but he also isn't old enough yet for reason. For example, he sees me put food in the microwave for a minute. He goes bizerk! He doesn't get it yet that it will be done and ready for him in a few seconds. All that to say is there is a lot of whining in our house.

Also, discipline. I'm way over my head. I have no idea what I'm doing. He keeps wanting to get into the trashcan. I tell him no. He does it again. I say no more forcefully and point him elsewhere. He does it again. I say no and slap his hand. He swats at me and goes for the trashcan. Then I pick him and move him to the next room, where there is an all out tantrum and I have to rely on cartoons to take his mind off of it. I know I'm probably doing it all wrong. I just wish I could hire one of the those baby whisperer people to come over and tell me exactly what to do in every situation. If you know of a good book that really helped you, let me know, I am taking any advice!

What he does love is exploring. He could spend all day in our jungle of a backyard and garage finding treasures. But I only am up for this every other day in which I give him a bath. Also, dogs. Looooves dogs. And to touch their wet noses. And birds, thinks they are fascinating.

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