Saturday, November 2, 2013

3 Month Hiatus...

You have assumed correctly that both Will and I have got our hands full. 
We are on man-to-man defense. Or are double guarded. But are loving and learning. 

Let me take you back 2 months ago... 
McCabe turned out to stay in the NICU for 4 weeks. She came home September 2nd fully recovered and hasn't looked back. The night before she came home, we stayed the night at The Ronald McDonald House attached to the NICU, where she slept in the same room with us, to help us get acclimated. I hardly slept, mainly because the mattress was awful, but also just being to excited to take her home to finally be a family. 

(My lil sleeping beauty in the NICU)

 (Her first night home, with very appropriate pajamas)

(Our only family pic as of this moment)

 Knox was not allowed back in the NICU so he first got to meet her when she came home with us. He loves her so much.

He gives her kisses all the time. 

But a lot of times thinks she's a funny toy.

Knox might be hitting his "terrible two's" a little early (with sporadic meltdowns), but he is so fun.
 I love being his mama.
Right now he is VERY into cars/trucks. He loves to line them straight  in a line all over the place
"Up" is his favorite movie.
He's saying words that conveniently only I can interpret.
He can mimic a lot of animal sounds. Puppy dog is my favorite because he doesn't make a sound, he sniffs. We never told him to do that.. He's observant, i guess.
Not much of an eater, but does have a sweet tooth.
Loves footballs, baseballs, any ball really and has a pretty impressive arm.

 More of the girl...

Me and her at her first Young Life club.

 We have had a pretty busy fall, but have made time for some adventures!
We went to Phoenix to visit our friend Ryan and Jen. Jen is one of my best friends from high school, and just love being with her.  The weather was perfect and the company was so life giving! We laughed a lot, hiked, gambled, ate good food, met new people, bought and given new shoes, and celebrated Will's 28th birthday! 

We've had family come to visit us two separate weekends, we had a garage sale, football everywhere we look, and I also left both babes with Will to go to Galveston for a Bachelorette Weekend for my friend Carrie.

Knox had his first Halloween Trick-or-Treating. He was William Wallace from "Braveheart". We had so much fun holding his hand and going to each door. He hated it the first time, but by the end he was comfortable enough to grab the candy himself.

And well this is my life, these two nuggets... and the Big Dog. 

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