Saturday, July 16, 2011

My B

Ok so I did take a bunch of pictures last week of camp, BUT the internet began to become super slow and I became impatient with uploading pictures so I gave up. Sorry. I'll upload them when we get home.

Then, this week began. The week we've been waiting for for awhile now. Our new high school came as campers on our last week here. I was nervous to begin the week. I just didn't know what kind of lives I would be walking into.

Come to find out, I can't imagine a week going any better than it has. It had it's hard times and conversations, but it has made Will and I so so excited to go back to Houston with these folks.

Will said it best, "You've come alive this week." I believe that to be true. The Lord has had this in store for us for a long time.

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