Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 1

For those of you who aren't too familiar with the daily life of what happens at Young Life camp during one full week I've decided to document each day, and this week only folks. We are here for four weeks. Today was the beginning of Week 3. 

Woke up around 9. We had all camp worship where the Assign Team, Work Crew, Summer Staff, Interns, and Property Staff all get together to sing and hear from our Camp Director. We pray for the areas across the U.S. who are about to arrive in camp in less than a couple of hours. The time is always sweet. 

After brunch, I head out to babysit these 2... Hayley and Abby. It was good practice.

Here is Devon and Will as Jescoe and Jasper White "The Dancin' Outlaws" and in the middle, Steve Gardner, our Speaker and Friend.

This is Steve's son, Grant, who lives for dessert and dinosaurs.

Here is Will, Devon, and Justin introducing the places and activities you can do in camp.

They play some games to get the kids running around and meeting some new people.

We had some surprise guests!! Our good friends, The Harris'!

We have club every night except for wednesday when it's in the morning.
In club we sing songs... at times crowd surf.

We play some games. Will has had the idea for these game characters in head for 3 years and it finally has come to life... "Hey, I'm a rabbit! And I'm a haaamster! You just  took a trip to the PAARTY CAGE!" Too funny for words.

Night 1 there is an obstacle course. Every cabin is sent through the dark into unchartered territory with one mission, to protect their leader from water balloons.  Here is Will decked out and duct taped.

The obstacle course and night all end in a huge pool party. They had a belly flop contest and here is the winner... it's blurry but you get the picture.

And that concludes Day 1.

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