Sunday, August 14, 2011

I hate making title's for each post.

After Will and I found out we were having a boy we went to Babies R Us to see what's on the market for baby boys. Well, we found a stroller and a pack & play that tripled as a changing station and hamper with some storage for toys. Due to our one bedroom apartment we'll need something like that to save room. Clothes wise, wahhh wahhh. Everything is cheesy and has something like "I love Mommy" forcing him to love me. The next day we went into Marshall's and we found a onesie with robots on it, giving me hope that there's more out there. Found these on Etsy just making me more excited!

This one, especially if we name him Cash (which is in our top 5 thus far)

The doctor's appointment went great. During the ultrasound, she was talking as if it was going to be hard to tell the sex. In my head I was like ahhh if we don't find out today I'm gonna cry! She was showing us all different parts of the body. We could see him moving his head and arms(which I started feeling 2 days prior and now I feel him moving quite often! so weird!).  All along she would type on the screen the parts ie RFoot for right foot. And as she was done, she typed boy but didn't say it yet. I thought , is boy short for something??? or is this her telling us it's a boy??? I was so confused, then she put !!! on the end and said "It's a Boy". I raised the roof and cried. We are thrilled. We really want to have a girl one day but I really wanted to have a boy first. 

My mom has been in town for a week swooning Will and I to dinner and/or lunch about everyday. And in between buying me maternity clothes that couldn't have come in a more perfect time. I got to the point where I was only wearing dresses or leggings. Maternity Leggings=Most comfortable things ever. Ummm yeah, I'll probably shop there even when I'm not pregnant.

I promise baby bump and ultrasound pictures next post!

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