Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We've Got The Internets

After 11 days in our new apartment and feeling settled the "new" keeps coming...

I now have cravings... milk and popsicles. Not together.

The Astros might as well be a minor league team.

I live at Hogwarts. We are trying to read them all to be able to see HP7pt2 in 3D.

Met my local CVS employee, Joseph, who I'll be working with for years to come.

Will and I are no longer attached at the hip. He got a car yesterday. It's an Escalade. If you know us, this is real funny.

Today we finished our 2 week camp follow-up with Westside folks. We won't know what to do with our mornings to ourselves now.

I'm finally getting a belly bump. Thought for a few weeks it was some sick joke.

AND we should be finding out boy or girl a week from tomorrow!!

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