Monday, August 29, 2011

REI Garage Sale

Here is Will with 2 of our Westside leaders (guy and girl in crazy creeks at the bottom) and 10 of his new best friends in Houston. This bunch camped out overnight for the REI garage sale that happens every couple of months. REI saves all their returned items to sell for 50-90% off of retail. Our goal...

This here stroller. 

Will got there at 8:30 Friday night. Rumor on the street was that there were 4 Bob Strollers in the sale. There was a guy, Roland, who was 2 in front of Will who was also looking for a stroller. Game on. Come to find out though his wife wasn't even he said he would let Will have the first pick. Nice guy. 

Come 9:30 AM the next morning we were the proud of owners of the above stroller. We got some "ohhhs and ahhhs" as we came out of the sale. I so badly want to sit in it myself for some reason. When I buy something I like to use/wear it immediately. For how much it's worth, I should be able to sit in it. We also got a sleeping bag, and 2 pairs of chacos to sell online. We (most likely just Will til Mister is old enough to camp) will never not camp out for a sale in Houston. 

Unrelated funny story: Saturday tied for record heat in Houston, 109 degrees. That same day Will found out that he had seat warmers in his car and they've been on high for the past month that he has been driving it. Everytime he came in from driving, his shirt would be soaked with sweat... I really was starting to wonder about his sweat glands. Now it makes sense.

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