Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Noise Complaints...

Last weekend we got our 4th noise complaint from our downstairs neighbors... 
to them we are moving furniture 24/7. Well, I had 6 girls sleepover and it did not sit well with them down below. These girls were "noisy from 7-11 on Saturday night and early Sunday morning"

We made these that i saw on Pinterest. Some turned out good and not so good but this one was Chelsea's that turned out the best. (sorry I didn't rotate it)

Will went and talked to management on Monday. He tried to see if we had any options of moving apartments or getting out of our lease early but there weren't. I told Will that both of those options would be a pain in the butt right now. I say, it's their issue not ours. If they're having such a problem, they can move to a 3rd floor apartment.
We're working on loving our neighbor, literally.

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