Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Club!

This picture was taken minutes after a fiasco before club... The short version is a truck peeled into the parking lot, going way to fast, where we hang out with all our friends before club. He parks in front of the liquor store and gets out yelling at all the kids for being in the middle of the street (but its not a street but a parking lot). So of course, Will walks over to try and explain what's going on. He doesn't want to hear it. He starts yelling at Will, as Will says over and over about 15 times, "Hey man, let's have a conversation." Then the Thai lady that owns the liquor store comes out and she's yelling who knows what. My mind goes to worst case scenerio... this man or his friend is about to pull out a gun and shoot my baby daddy. Will's outfit didn't help the situation...

These are 2 of my faves...Chelsea and Marty

and the gang.

We went to the Yardhouse (our favorite late night hang out) after club with some other  yl staff people and of course Will had a story to tell.

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