Saturday, May 5, 2012

4 months young!

Knox, you're 4 months old today! we love everything about you, even when you're being the biggest pill after you get shots! You bring us so much joy and entertain us so much! This is what you're like at 4 months old...

you love to go on walks in the stroller

you love to look at the camera

you love to play with your feet and have just started to put them in your mouth

You are mesmerized by the light on the monitor

You are such a people person, you're so content and happy when you are around a bunch of friends

You know you are cute

you continue to drool all over your shirt

You love to smile

You love to sit in the corner of the couch

You love chewing on your fingers

You love to watch tv

you are 15 lbs and 26 inches. and your head is HUGE! (95th percentile)

You make being a mom look easy! (even though it so isn't)

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