Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy First Mother's Day to me!

Because of this pudge, I got to have my first Mother's Day!

We went to Taste of Texas for dinner with my parents. People think I'm crazy for not getting steak, but I always get the pecan crusted chicken stuffed with spinach, pecans, grilled onions, and goat cheese over this lemon butter sauce. Soooo good. Here we are as we were waiting for our table, getting our dose of free soda and chips and salsa!

A couple of weeks ago we moved into this really really nice neighborhood. Not because we bought a house, but we moved into a couple's (James and Mallory) garage apartment...FOR FREE! It is awesome! Besides the small sink it's awesome. Knox sleeps in the closet, so technically it's a 2 bedroom garage apartment. We have cable! Which Will and I have never had, so we love being able to DVR The Bachelorette instead of watching it on the computer, and watching HGTV (for me) and ESPN (for will). We will probably live here through the summer til we land in a house. We are very very grateful for this space. 

Mallory invited us to the neighbor's sons 2 year old birthday party on Saturday. We met some neighbors. In their backyard there was a hammock and Mallory tolduse that she took some memorable pictures in one with her first son. So thanks to Mallory's inspiration for my new favorite picture.

 In our new backyard...

In less than 1 week we are heading to Colorado for our 4th Assignment! We are going a day early so I can see my friend Amber...who hasn't seen Knox yet! I'm excited to see her and I'm so so excited to experience Crooked Creek with my family! I know we will have tons of pictures coming up soon! Til then we are trying to tie up some lose ends here in Houston before we head out for 3 1/2 weeks! 

Also congrats to Will for being promoted to Area Director of a NEW area Stratford/Westside! Even just the past couple of days of it being official, I can tell that he is finally entering into his element!

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  1. Hey family! Bo leaves tomorrow for 3 months. He/me will be blogging back and forth this month and together mid-June: