Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Gurick's

Introducing the Gurick Family... Zach (Head Leader), Blair, their daughter Addie (4), and Micah (2).

This family is such a delight! Blair is one of the funniest, real, and honest women that I've met. I've so much enjoyed getting to know her and her family. Addie is sweet and soft spoken, but when she talks its so funny. Micah walks around with 2 fingers in his mouth and one that goes from inside his nostrils to rubbing the tip of his nose, getting snot all over his nose. Way funny and cute. Blair hates it!

The Lord has laid on them a mission to adopt from the Congo. A bunch of staff spouses have chipped in to help make bracelets to sell and help raise money, awareness, and most importantly prayer for this family and the children and people of Congo. I got mine in blue and LOVE IT. 

Here is the blog to follow and to buy a bracelet

Here is Addie sporting her red bracelet...

I'll miss this family.

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  1. you are amazingly sweet i can't believe you did this! kindest act ever!