Saturday, June 18, 2011

Becoming Houstonians

Our first week in Houston was full of apartment hunting and sports. After a few days of seeing options in the area we landed on a nice looking, one bedroom apartment that is about a mile from the school.  We first passed the apartment complex because we thought it looked out of our league, but u-turned it, and thought what the hay (or hey?). We met Isela, who showed us around the complex and into some rooms. It became our favorite and the price was around do-able. Isela is a quirky, thirty something woman, who had a hard time recognizing us everytime we came in...

To Jess: "Did you color your hair?... You cut it?... Oh, You look so different."
To Will: "If you shaved, I would not recognize you."

Also sports...The week we got there was the beginning of the NBA Finals in which we automatically became Mavs fans and rooted our boys onto victory. We also went to an Astros game...

Will went to another one while I was in Nashville for the Cleckner/Sadler Wedding... Stros lost both. Not the best timing to become Stros fans.

On Monday, we packed up our car yet again, and headed North to Bryson, Texas to stay with my parents for 2 nights to break up our drive to Frontier. Being with my dad, you're always into an adventure like...turtle hunting.

caught one!

My parents have a big pond in their backyard where they have about 30 catfish. As my dad is walking to feed them, he starts hootin n hollerin, and sure enough you start to see ripples, then waves as the catfish get excited for dinner! It was one of those gross but cool things to watch them all eat. I couldn't quite get a good action shot of them all eating. It seemed that everytime I took a picture they went back down into the water. 

As you can tell my parents love Texas.

A little glimpse why.

On to Frontier....

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