Friday, June 24, 2011

Opera Drama... literally right after the opera on night 4, Will's back went out... This makes for a miserable Wodie. Thank goodness it was after everything that is extraneous.  He's been taking it easy, getting in some extra visits to the hot tub, and is highly medicated. Hopefully he'll be up and at 'em come Sunday. Say a prayer for him, if you're into that kinda thing.

We both stayed in camp during the hike on Day 5. The hike hadn't yet been done this summer due to snow still on the mountain. A day earlier, the ODC (outdoor crew) boys made the hike possible by shoveling waist deep snow off the path. Everyone was supposed to get back around 2:30 but 4 rolled around and we thought, "Must have been some hike."  Devon and Justin showed up around 4:30 with a story to tell... The campers hiked up to the snack site. When they got there someone comes running down the mountain saying that their jeep flipped, they don't have any phones, and they have a woman injured. We have a doctor and 2 nurses on hand. By the grace of God, the hike was possible that day. Due to the delay, the campers had to sit at the snack site around 1 1/2 hours. I've heard the woman was sent to the hospital with a back injury and is recovering. Seemed like a crazy day.

Sorry I forgot to get my camera for Night 4. Don't worry, I got 3 more tries.


  1. hope wodie is feeling better! praying for your time at frontier! miss yall SO much! i want to see pictures!

  2. i hope you are MISSING me like whoa. i can't believe i am missing out.