Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Promised Land

We finally made it! 
We left Knoxville last Monday afternoon and drove the long haul to Chattanooga, Tn. We did have to stop at Target in Cleveland, Tn to get up and walk around. Our friends, the Spillmans were great hosts to us in Chattanooga, even though Will couldn't handle the smell of the town. 

We left at 8am on Tuesday and Will drove to Baton Rouge, La. I was scared that we would have to stop a bunch if I wasn't feeling well. But really i started feeling a little better. We got to Baton Rouge around 4 and went to their "Turkey Creek". Ate dinner, where I finally felt like I could eat something with substance i.e. Lettuce Wraps. Then, we went to go see Bridesmaids. Real Funny. 

We rolled into Houston on Wednesday around 2:30. We are staying with a couple, Tom and Beth Robertson, who are on our committee and who we've become quick friends with. We pulled onto their street and were greeted with banners, confetti, the referrizzles, food, friends, and a big gift basket! We were shocked! We weren't expecting anything like it!

We've been here a couple of days now and a few things are sure:
It's hot. Like real hot. Hot like Hell.
The tex-mex is as good as I remember.
We are in good hands.
our baby is a healthy, heart-beating, 1.71 cm Son of a Gun!

The head is on the right and the rump is on the left. Our due date is January 11, 2012. After the appointment, we both felt more at ease, knowing that 'yes, it's there! We really are pregnant' 

Physically, I'm feeling a lot better than I was. I'm still not %100, nor at normal eating habits, but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Thanks for beginning this journey with us. We love and appreciate your support just by your interest in reading about us. Will and I are really excited to be able to keep everyone up to date on our lives and ALL the new changes happening. Come back for more!

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  1. LOVE that i get to follow you to Houston. don't leave out even one detail. i need them all.
    PS i almost wet my pants in bridesmaids. my weak bladder is just one of the joys of being a mother of 2